Welcome to the online exhibition
Shape Shifting Verse

Jil Evans and Lynn Wadsworth
in collaboration

Traveler, 10 in x 13 in, framed, Evans & Wadsworth

January 10 – February 11, 2022

Traffic Zone Gallery, Minneapolis
M–F, 9am – 5pm, and by appointment

The collages in Shape Shifting Verse are invitations to explore forces, big and small, that create and shape our experiences of wholeness.

Produced through a playful collaboration in which the two artists passed the collages back and forth, the development of the artworks evolved step by step, over time, through an intimate connection of two minds.  Working with torn and cut fragments from a wide range of sources, the goal was to lead and be led by one another through surprise and revelation until the events of the collage had a life of their own that felt complete. 

Often compromised in our own lives by trauma, illness, and routine, wholeness can seem elusive.  The new artworks by Evans and Wadsworth offer us the opportunity to consider how two different minds can build a third way to investigate and harness those forces—in the natural world, built environment, and in our relationships with each other—that demand our attention every day as we strive to be whole.

The collages in this exhibition are mixed media: watercolor, magazine print, original photography, and original prints on archival mat board or panel. 

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Jil Evans is an artist working in abstraction through a variety of mediums: painting, collage, photography, and film. Her work pursues questions about how we experience and inhabit our world, and explores the ways intimacy, alienation, struggle, and freedom exist in the psyche in a constant state of flux.

Lynn Wadsworth is a visual artist who has worked in several mediums: film, photography, collage, assemblage, ceramics, and sculpture. Her work seeks to reveal hidden meanings, expose contradictions, and examine the underpinnings of cultural construction through juxtaposition, humor, and invention. 

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