The series FLOOD is made up of abstract painting collages. I recorded the Cannon River flood in 2010 and am developing a large body of work based on the images I captured.  In this new series, FLOOD, I explore how scale and mixed media collage can build connections, create abrupt brokenness, hold together complex spatial relationships and extreme perspectives, producing a ‘visual’ flood.

The abstract compositions contrast area of atmospheric space with claustrophobic enclosures. Agitated gesture metamorphosizes into gentle undulating waves. Using the white of the ground (unprimed canvas or watercolor paper) as a key element in the collages, the edges of the compositions are open and irregular. Unlike the more traditional frame for painting, as a ‘window onto the world’, the constructions appear to have come out of the ground they are built on.

FLOOD no. 1 (84” x 60”)
FLOOD no. 2
(85″ x 60″)
FLOOD no. 3 
(85″ x 60″)
FLOOD no. 4
(60″ x 108″)

oil and mixed media on canvas

Flood #’s 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 20
mixed media collage on paper
12” x 9”

All works 2013
(* unavailable)